Buenos Aires
  • luzferrari:

    Vera @ DelaProvincia 

    Photo: Luz Ferrari

    St: Daniela Cenizo

    St. Assist: Alejandra Kuktosky

    Make up & Pelo: Ingrid Lapczuk

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  • fuckmeimblogging:

    vera claeys

    Vera at home by Traci Matlock

    last summer when I met Traci Matlock. she came into my life and lifted my spirits. if you’re in Houston, you should contact this lovely person. I promise she will change your life for the best. 

    Sorry for bombarding you all, I’m feeling nostalgic.

    I would really appreciate it if you sent me nice thoughts or even if you told me something nice about your day. XO

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  • caitlanhickeystylist:

    vera by kim carrier

    this was the first time I climbed a house and sat on a roof. I’m afraid of heights. I almost cried and fell and would have cried some more, however Kim somehow managed to talk me through my tantrum with her loving words and patient demeanor. a true milestone in my adult life. 

    See the full story here

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