Vera Claeys
Buenos Aires
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  • Hotel life. Missing all the lovely people of BsAs. #havanna #vegas #crownedbird I love you! (at Las Vegas Strip)

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  • 03 July 2013

    Two days after my birthday last year. 

    The way I live now is not the way I lived then, but who would know? Unfortunately for you, I could be lying and you would have no idea or concern, because frankly you are unaware and are probably lied to often by people you are barely meeting. Luckily for you I am not lying, and lucky for me I am not lying. I have a terrible conscience, one that bleeds so badly I faint and before I faint I have these black spots that block my vision and warn me. Sort of like a telegram, but more hostile.

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    In Texas Everything is Fine by V. Alard Lisbet

    missing texas

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